We take pride in providing safe and secure services to all our furry friends.  Our experienced walkers will always look for the safest route and environment when walking your canine family member.  Our desire is to make your pet feel at home and you at ease.  We promise to treat your pet as our own.

Walking – 20, 30, 45 minute and 1hour time frames to accommodate your pet’s needs.  We will water and take care of any accidents prior to or after the walk. Feel free to suggest routes and favorite stopping areas to your walker at registration.

Slip-Ins – 20, 30, 45 minute and 1 hour time frames available.  This is a time for pets to be let out for a potty break, fed/watered and have play time.  Short walks (10 mins) are included if requested for the brief slip ins and a 20 M walk is included in the 45 minute and 1hour sessions.  These are also considered for that last minute need that you may have not scheduled.

Sitting – Peace of mind while you’re away.  Sitting allows for your pet to enjoy the comfort of his/her home while you are away. Walkers will come and go as required.

    Slip - In (Level 1) The sitter will drop-in on your pet up to 3 times per day upon your request. The walker will walk, feed, and hang out with your pet throughout the day according to the pet’s required scheduled. Additional visits and/or over nights may result in an additional fee.      

    Stay All Day (Level 2) The sitter will stay all day and not leave for up to 9 hours.   This level includes all of Level 1 services and continuous care.

   Slumber Party (Level 3) Overnight sitting, where the sitter stays in your home over night is offered on a case-by-case basis and may require an additional fee ($15 - $25 additionally). This may be added to a level 1, 2, 4 or used independently.

   Medical Sitting (Level 4) The sitter will stay with your pet after a medical event and will administer medication as prescribed by a vet.  Cost is determined by level of care.

We also offer late night and early drop ins.   Additional visits/over nights may result in an additional fee.

Boarding – On a case-by-case basis. All boarding is in the walker's home.  We do not have kennels. Our one-on-one in-home boarding takes the worry out of having to leave your pet.  We treat your pet(s) as our own.  Our goal is to make your pup feel at home away from home.  We are with your pet 24 hrs. a day in most cases. We only crate your pet if you request it or at night if your pet feels more secure (you provide the crate).  Most often if the pet usually sleeps on the bed, we allow that.   Please call to reserve.

PAYMENTS – Venmo, PayPal, Cash App and Cash (There is 4% non-cash fee added for all non-cash exchanges.)

SERVICE TIMES – Monday - Sunday 9AM – 9PM (additional times available, please call to schedule.)

EARLY MORNING/LATE NIGHT Visits - We will take walks and slip-ins between 6AM – 9AM and 9PM – Midnight for an additional $5 fee.

HOLIDAYS - Additional $15 Fee